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Uploading and Importing Routes and Training Data to Good Run Guide

Good Run Guide integrates with many different GPS devices and data files, allowing you to upload data directly to your Training Log.


Individual Upload/Import Tools

Bulk Import/Upload Tools V
Use our free GPS App for Android or iphone to automatically record and log runs. Good Run Guide GPS App   GPS File Options  
Link your Good Run Guide Log Book with your Garmin Connect account and we will automatically add activities you upload to Garmin Connect to your Log Book Sync with Garmin    
Upload individual runs directly from compatible Garmin GPS devices, including including the popular Forerunner 205/305/405/310XT/110/210/610/910XT.

Upload from Device

NOTE: This tool is being phased out and replaced with the Garmin Sync feature above due to changes in browser technology. It is still compatible with some browsers and we will continue to operate it for as long as browsers support it.

If you have another make of GPS device, most have a facility to export route data as GPX, TCX or FIT files, which can then be used to import individual runs to your Good Run Guide Training Log. Import from GPS File
Import from FIT File

Bulk Upload/Import Tools

Individual Import/Upload Tools V
Use this option to import all your past runs directly from your Garmin GPS device. Import Garmin History

NOTE: This tool is not compatible with all browsers.

You can use this option to import past activities from Garmin (downloaded as TCX files) Import History    
Use this option to transfer your training data from the American RunningAhead website. Simply export your routes and runs into a single XML file and then import them into your GRG Traning Log in bulk. Import History (RA)    


Garmin Forerunner 110 Garmin Forerunner 210 Garmin Edge 500 W.Kalenji 300 File in GPX or TCX format GPS Tracking App with GPX Export Facility
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